SOL Testing

2019 SOL Testing Schedule

SOL 2019 Testing Schedule

Grade 3

  • Language Arts - May 8 and 9

  • Math - May 23 and 24

Grade 4

  • Language Arts - May 6 and 7

  • Math - May 21 and 22

  • Social Studies - May 29

Grade 5

  • Language Arts - May 6 and 7

  • Math - May 20 and 21 

  • Advanced Math - May 21

  • Science - May 13

Grade 6

  • Language Arts - May 10

  • Math - May 24

This schedule does not include make-up or retake days and is subject to change based on the needs of our students.

Students Observing Ramadan

This year, the main Standards of Learning (SOL) testing window has significant overlaps with Ramadan, the Muslim holy month marked by daily fasting. The SOL testing window begins for high schools on Monday, April 29, and for elementary and middle schools on Monday, May 6. All schools must complete SOL make-up tests and retakes by Friday, June 7. Ramadan begins the evening of Sunday, May 5, and ends with Eid-al-Fitr on Wednesday, June 5.

FCPS welcomes and encourages engagement with parents and guardians of students affected by this overlap. School staff will work with parents and guardians to make schedule adjustments or determine how best to address students’ needs. For example, it may be possible to schedule testing early in the day when energy levels are likely to be highest.

If you have a child in an SOL grade-level who will be fasting to observe Ramadan this year, notify the principal or school counselor to take advantage of possible scheduling options.